Research and development

In GS Caltex, we are trying to track trends in the PP composites market and also come up with new innovative material.

Among main objectives of the automotive industry is continuous reduction of vehicle emissions, and this is associated with the effort to achieve the lightest possible vehicle weight. In GS Caltex, we always try to come up with the best solution for current and future customers.

PA/PP Alloy long carbon fiber material

PA/PP Alloy LCF has lower density and better properties compare with PBT/ASA/SGF. This material is suitable for high stiffness application and also to accomplish weight reduction.

ALC12B (GS Caltex´s PA Alloy LCF grade name) is already in developing phase for sunroof frame application for Hyundai/Kia. ALC12B was able to achieve 20% weight reduction and 50% improved properties compare with existing material designed for similar application (picture above).

Also GS Caltex´s PP/PA LCF has better fluidity and injection moldability compare with existing material. 

You can find material datasheet of ALC12B on bottom of this page.

TPO – Thermoplastic polyolefin, TPE – thermoplastic elastomer

GS Caltex TPO is significant for it s higher Impact/Stiffness balance than conventional TPO´s. This material can offer better design flexibility and also can reduce production steps.

GS Caltex TPOs are applied to various car models and are expanding widely to various automobile makers.

In general, OEMs are mainly using TPE (TPEE, TPV, TPO etc) for airbag cover.

GS Caltex´s  airbag TPE has high modulus and low temp. IZOD impact strength, which is suitable for Airbag cover. Especially high modulus can reduce detaching and deformation during high temp. deploy test and low temp. IZOD impact can reduce crack during low temp. deploy test.

GS Caltex TPE is adopting PAB(Passenger Airbag) and CAB(Curtain Airbag), try to enter DAB(Driver Airbag) Market 

TPO/TPE – thermoplastic polyolefin/elastomer

HiPrene® T150DHsemi-high flow olefinic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE-O).Download
SHiPrene® T150Dmedium flow olefinic thermoplastic elastomer (TPE-O).


PA/PP Alloy long carbon fiber

Hi Prene® ALC12B20% long carbon fiber reinforced Polyamide-6 compound.Download