New possibilities of testing – infrared spectroscopy

In July 2015, an infrared spectrometer – the FTIR and ATR Nicolet – was added to the qualitative and quantitative analysis. Infrared spectroscopy is one of the methods of analytical chemistry that makes it possible to accurately identify substances. The qualitative composition of the sample can be determined by the absorption of radiation at individual wavelengths. In this way, the chemical composition – functional groups, degradation of material, etc. can be evaluated. Application of ATR extensions is used for identifying dark samples, which can not be evaluated by classical (transmission) method, serves for identification and verification of quality of polymer materials, inorganic substances, thermal stability and purity of antioxidants, UV stabilizers or material hydration. A more elaborate experiment allows us to study the kinetics of chemical reactions in reactive compounding. The Nicolet iS 10 instrument installed in GS Caltex Czech Laboratory will help improve the quality of PP blend production.